An interactive cue light for Theater, Performance and show-cueing to use with any OSC capable Software (e.g. LinuxShowPlayer, Qlab, Ableton or even your lighting desk) based on the M5StickC of M5Stack.com .

IP Adress and OSC-Path are shown on Startup. Startup completed when LED turns off.

available Functions:

/oscuelight/[ID]/color [red;green,blue]

colors the Screen with the given color - Turns on Display

/oscuelight/[ID]/write [INT] or [STRING]

writes the first two Digits or first 8 characters to the Display - has to be deleted with e.g. color or clear

/oscuelight/[ID]/achtung [CUENUMBER] or [STRING]

flashes the Display 3 Times and turns LED ON  - shows first two digits of an integer or draws up to 70 characters of a string - Display turns green


flashes the Display 3 Times and turns off LED and Display

/oscuelight/[ID]/countdown [s]

 Turns on LED and counts down to zero - then turns of LED and screen


clear the Display and turn it of


  • set ID via Buttons on Startup
  • send Feedback via ButtonA
  • support for PWM Buzzer -> Buy a PWM Buzzer
  • Testing:
    • Battery Time
      • Screen is turned off when not in use via AXP192
      • speed set to 80MHz to safe power
    • Connectivity (AP handover)
      • M5StickC does not support  802.11r
      • roaming seems to work but on the tested Unifi Enviroment OSC-Messages where lost and/or received at a wrong time..


This article was updated on 1 Juni 2023